Top 20 Things To Pack

The great thing about hiring one of our motorhomes is that most of the items you need during your trip have already been included. Check your guest book carefully though to see what’s included but most importantly, what’s not!

The following are not included in your rental but will make life on the road easier:

  1. Chargers and USB charging leads. Our latest fleet of motorhomes has USB charging points on the light fittings. But bring a couple of plug adapters as well for extra convenience. Tip: When connected to an Electric Hook Up mains power at a campsite, take advantage of the 240v electricity to fully charge tablets and phones for the journey ahead.
  2. A power strip. There are only a few power outlets in motorhomes and campervans so a power board/power strip is useful for charging multiple devices. If possible, one with a 3m cable is ideal so that you can extend it to outside for charging anything from e-bikes to kindles whilst soaking in the sun!
  3. Anti-bacterial Sanitiser and Wet Wipes. We all know how important it is to minimise risks of transmission of viruses – so an essential requirement for the days we are living in.
  4. Tea towels, dishcloths and washing up liquid. Also, don’t forget washing powder as most caravan and motorhome sites provide laundry facilities. Teas towels are multi-functional. Every motorhome rattles during travel, so wrapping a tea towel around glassware and other loose artifacts, plus laying one under the glass hob lid reduces the clanging and risk of breakages.
  5. Plastic containers, bags and clips. These are handy items to have on board. The containers are great for storing leftover food and the plastic bags keep things fresh. Also, Waste food caddy & bin liners.
  6. Beach towels. Ideal for creating more space to chill outside and obviously for getting dry and dust sand free before entering the motorhome.
  7. Lightweight dressing gown and flipflops/sliders. Most shower blocks have wet floors making getting changed with limited space a pain. Go to the showers with just the essentials and get dressed back in the van.
  8. Hanging toiletry bag and Microfibre towel. Make the trip to shower blocks as hassle-free as possible! A microfibre towel takes up less room and dries quicker.
  9. Bikes (if you don’t hire our electric bikes). Our luxury motorhomes benefit from a generous garage space at the rear giving you space to store your sports equipment (don’t forget to bear in mind the weight limit- so make sure that the bikes are light enough to not affect your payload limit).
  10. A rucksack or beachbag. If you are looking to explore the local area by foot or bike, then a rucksack is an excellent way of easily carrying personal effects, such as a camera – and ideal for picking up and transporting provisions and shopping back to base.
  11. Torch – If you don’t want to disturb others during the night, consider taking a small torch with you.  It’s also handy if you go out after dark.
  12. Onboard Entertainment. Download your subscription services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky Go, etc. as you will be able to stream these through our onboard TVs. If you don’t subscribe to a particular service, then there are free apps you can download and stream such as sky news or iPlayer.
  13. Set of lightweight garden chairs/sun loungers. (if you don’t rent our optional package). An essential for soaking in the great outdoors and relaxing with a drink of your choice! Please remember that there is a limited legal Payload limit so keep the equipment as light as possible.
  14. Medicines. Paracetamol, plasters, antiseptic cream, antihistaminessunscreen, etc. as well as any usual medication you may take. Think about what you might need depending on where you’re traveling to, what activities you have planned and at what time of year.
  15. Child travel seat or booster seats. Only necessary of course if you have some little people in your crew.
  16. A flask maybe if you’re planning on doing some hiking and you want to enjoy the view with a nice cuppa.
  17. Additional cooking items. We stock all the essentials but depending on how much cooking you are looking to do – measuring jug, colander, fruit bowl, Kitchen roll, kitchen foil, cling film, tea pot & cosy, oven gloves, rubber gloves, salt & pepper shakers, Vegetable peeler, washing up brush, baking dish ( up to 300 x 300) baking sheet (up to 290 x 360)

  18. Microwave. Can only be used if you are connected to a site electric hook up (can be kept in garage),

  19. BBQ (check site rules), , batteries (rechargeable and charger?), bathroom mat and non slip small rug/mat

  20. Pens & notebook


Written by Mark Kirby • 28/01/2021
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