Planning Where to Stay

That’s it! You have made the decision to jump onto a Motorhome Adventure! But where do you go and what should you know?

In the UK it is illegal to park up on the side of the road so planning your journey and pre-booking sites along the way is the best way to ensure your holiday runs smoothly – no one wants to be woken by the Highway Police banking on the door at 4am! Whether you intend to stay put and explore the local area or take in various stops along the way, planning your route and booking your sites is essential in enabling you to get the most out of your holiday. Here are some of our top tips to consider:

Before you set off

All our vehicles are furnished with a dedicated Garmin motorhome friendly Sat Nav. This will take a load of stress away! As long as you follow the provided routes, you will be guided away from potential risks such as low bridges, difficult narrow roads, weight limits and width restrictions. If you are an avid planner, you could do some prep work and set your route out on Google Maps in advance. This will help you get a good feel for more preferable routes, travel times letting you plan set off and arrival times. You can download this onto your phone or tablet and then add points of interest along the way. Always begin with your start and finish dates and work from there. Is there anything you particularly want to see or do? Or are you just looking for a more relaxed holiday with minimal driving time?

Take journey time and traffic congestion into consideration especially if you’re travelling during high season and school holidays. Don’t book somewhere too far away from the hire company on the first night if you can help it. That way if your’re held up you’re less likely to arrive on-site late and in the dark. Some sites have late arrival pitches if you’re arriving after 8pm but this comes at an extra cost. If any problems arise give the site a call as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made.

Is the access road easy to navigate?

Some roads around clifftop campsites can be very narrow and steep. This can be quite daunting for inexperienced drivers especially if you need to reverse back to let other vehicles pass. Always check that the roads you intend to travel are wide enough and have passing places.

Are you travelling with or without kids?

It’s all very exciting booking lots of stops in different places and squeezing in as much as possible but it can get quite tiring especially when travelling with children. I remember the screams of protest each time we left a campsite where the children had made friends and settled in. All in all, it’s best to stick with a couple of sites or just one to begin with. This way you can relax into your holiday and learn along the way without putting too much stress on yourselves. Some camps have a playground and clubhouse on site which is great for keeping the kids happy. Locating sites near a beach or cycle routes, for example, is also key in keeping the little ones entertained. Do the facilities include family shower rooms, baby changing, etc.? Check the Wi-Fi signal is good and bring lots of books and games if the weather’s bad!

Are you looking for bars, nightlife etc. or peace and solitude?

When renting with Avanti, you have the amazing advantage of associated membership with the Caravan and Motorhome Club. You can go on to their site and search for the perfect sites in over 200 club run locations or the members-only 2200 affiliated sites (Certified Locations). If you’re looking for nightlife or a city break check the closest transport links to your chosen site. Remember to be courteous to other site users if returning home in the early hours. If you fancy checking out the best city in the world, we recommend looking at Abbeywood, near Greenwhich. From your beautiful leafy base, you can get into London within 30 mins via the great local transport links – or if feeling more adventurous cycle along the Thames south bank and see the sites!

If its wide-open spaces you crave or a more activity-based holiday check out local walking routes and cycle paths. Maybe seek out a small CL site nestled in the countryside for breath-taking walks. Be sure to check out what type of pitches they offer. Ideally, you want Electric Hook Up points (EHUs) and hardstanding if the ground could be soft. (Your motorhome is over 3 tonnes in weight so something to keep in mind!). And on the last night, you need to have access to a chemical waste point (to empty the toilet cassette before returning) and drainage for grey water (to empty the dirty sink and shower water).

Sporting activities such as canoeing, golf, abseiling etc. are all in abundance in the UK. Our motorhomes have a generous garage space if you want to bring your own equipment with you. Most sites welcome well-behaved dogs.

Last night

Remember your vehicle needs to be returned to Avanti at 10am, so it’s worth booking a site close by the night before. You might want to check out Oldbury Hill Campsite which is situated only 10 minutes away in the rolling countryside near Sevenoaks. Although not a Caravan and Motorhome affiliated club, it is good value and means you can get a good night’s sleep in before coming back to base. Your motorhome should be cleared of any rubbish and be cleaned ready for handover.





Written by Mark Kirby • 28/01/2021
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